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Yes - Contact Us Today! We offer full service in Somersworth and the surrounding areas. If you have a job you want done, we can do it! We do Somersworth Landscaping 

Patios are one of our specialties! Whether you need to construct something from scratch or need an old patio repaired, we are able to do anything on your list. From field stone patios to brick or whatever materials you want, big or small, we can do it all! Contact us today to schedule an assessment of your needs and get your project started right!

Absolutely we can! Lawns are some of our specialties here at Somersworth Landscaping. We know that a great looking lawn is an oasis for you and your family. It also adds to the curb appeal of your home and makes the neighborhood look like a million bucks. We can help you get rid of weeds and crab grass, fertilize, or turn your lawn and completely re seed it if that's what you need. The first thing to do is get in touch with us and let us do a complete lawn health check for you. 

Yes! Maybe you don't need a complete overhaul of your property, maybe you just need regular maintenance to make sure that your area looks great all year. We offer regular, scheduled maintenance including, mowing, weeding, pruning and anything else that it takes to keep your property looking great and able to be enjoyed by you and your family. Give us a call to discuss the frequency and needs of your maintenance project. One of our helpful employees will come out for a consultation on your property. 

If you're serious about having a lawn that looks great all the time, an irrigation system is a must. Most of us don't have time to water our lawn everyday or move sprinklers around to get the maximum lawn fullness we can. With an irrigation system from Somersworth Landscaping, you don't have to worry about your lawn anymore. The system takes care of all the scheduling and watering that your lawn needs to look it's best at all times. If you're looking to take your property to the next level, contact us to see what kind of system we can install!

Construction is an important part of our business. When you have a vision for how you want your property to look, we help you realize that vision and complete the project in a timely fashion, making all of your dreams come true! Retaining walls, decorative construction projects, pergolas, patios, raised beds, stone walls, whatever you can think of, we can get it done! Contact us today for a no pressure estimate of your landscaping project!

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